A few names I think you should also know in this community!

The last week has been brutal for me! Our community has been given one hit after another as we learn about someone doing something horrible or of someone leaving the community because something horrible was done to them!

I reached my limit today when a friend I admire and respect said he was calling it quits! One of our biggest failings I think is we so often overlook the ones who are there always putting in work helping others but not seeking or getting any credit! I'd like to change that as much as I can by starting a list of those who make a POSITIVE difference not just in our community but the world around them. This list will not be complete and I will not be focusing on "well known" names. The whole point of this is to showcase people who aren't in the spotlight because they are busy backstage putting in work! I encourage....I plead with you to ADD to this list make your own list acknowledge the people you know who are trying to help others! This Hacker community adopted me into their family and it breaks my heart to see the rotten apples being showcased and not the ones who do so much to help others!!

1. Justin Brown, Glenn Eccard, Mary-margaret Conley, Matthew Conley, Joshua Marpet, Bill Gardner and many more!

We all know the name Johhny Long and the great volunteer work he is doing. These are some of the people who are constantly manning the booth at Hacker conferences everywhere! They are giving up their time and the experience of a lot of the conference to make sure Johnny has the support he needs! They are caring, kind and generous to a fault! They are doing something to help make the world a better place!

2. Heather Blanchard Tapia
She has given a lot of her time behind the scenes to help get hackers exposure to people who can make changes! She has worked with Hackers at conferences but she has also worked with hackers in DC helping to facilitate communications between the two groups!

3. Emerson Tan
While the USA and most of the western world was freaking out about the Ebola outbreak Emerson was in Sierra Leone at ground zero! Trying to help literally save lives and put a stop to the epidemic! He didn't retweet about the problem or just support a go fund me. HE WENT THERE AND HELPED!

4. Jim McMurry
His company not only contributes and sponsors Hacking conferences. He has made it a personal mission to help veterans by giving them jobs and training! Over two dozen people have directly benefited from this generosity and their families too. They were not given a quick hand out they were given a livelihood and a means to make a difference themselves!

5. Jason King, Jeremy Gardner, and Bryce Case Jr.
They've created a crowd sourced sharing app to help fight/end hunger! You can find more information about it on http://www.unsung.org/ (Also it'd be nice if you contributed too).

I could put more on this list but seriously go think about all the wonderful people you know in this community and make your own list!! Better yet start trying to make a difference yourself so you can make it on a list like that! We can spend every hour of every day reading, posting, tweeting, etc... about someone who is horrible or has done something bad in this community! Heck just turn on cable news if that's what you want! Let's start taking half that time on reporting on the people who are doing GOOD in this community! I PROMISE you! There are more people who are helping than there are harming! It's just they tend to not get any notice and are too involved in fixing problems not causing them to care if they get any attention!

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