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A few names I think you should also know in this community!

The last week has been brutal for me! Our community has been given one hit after another as we learn about someone doing something horrible or of someone leaving the community because something horrible was done to them!

I reached my limit today when a friend I admire and respect said he was calling it quits! One of our biggest failings I think is we so often overlook the ones who are there always putting in work helping others but not seeking or getting any credit! I'd like to change…


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RansomWare Anyone Know how to Mitigate this??

This dialogue prompt appears on every file in the entire file system.  Anyone seen this and know a workaround? Trying to recover some files.  

-!RecOverR!-nrkcc++  (encrypted)

-select encoding that will make document readable

-gives these choices: windows (default)


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Hacking Airline Ticket Seating - Not all Airlines are Secure!

[Will present this at local Defcon 414 in December 2015 and post slideshow here]

I have successfully done this over a dozen times - once for my girlfriend on a flight, sending her the credentials via email.

I MUST classify this as a "social engineering" hack despite several modifications to the boarding pass - which seems to be NOT associated with this airline's information other than flight number, date, time, and passenger name. Nobody checks, nor has the…


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Threat Modeling Card Game "Elevation of Privilege (EoP)"

Many people don't know or haven't heard of threat modeling let alone know how to do it.

Hackers and crackers break assumptions we have made for how a system will be used.

But how to make the right assumptions? One way is to predict evil based on past known threats.

This might be a good start but it's not enough because hackers will also break the assumptions we make based on past attacks and change their behavior. 

The better assumption is that all input…


Added by d3tm4r on January 31, 2015 at 7:24am — 1 Comment

What differentiates a pentest from other tests?

Paul Asadoorian has summed it up quite nicely in EP 373 of the Security Weekly Podcast. 

A good pentest not only answers the question “can my controls be breached?” but also the following questions:

  • How can I be breached?
  • How much damage to my business can a breach do?
  • Where am I most likely to be breached given my current…

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Virtual Environment with Best PC Security

To protect your system from scammers, hackers, and malware, you need to follow certain steps.

Avoid Suspicious Websites: When you browse the Internet, be aware of the websites you are visiting. Most websites contain viruses or malware that could harm your…


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10 IT Security Tips To Prevent Data Security Breaches

Nowadays, information and computer security are on the minds of every IT professional as statistics have shown that the number of severe data loss episodes that occur each year is increasing. Data-bearing devices, including all forms of removable media, are said to be the cause of concern for both enterprise and small businesses.


IT security experts…


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The password combination root/123456 is bad, but how bad?

Hello folks.

My dear friend Leon tweeted that it took few minutes for his kippo install to get it's first catch.

I knew that if you go online with SSH password 123456 you will eventually get hacked but i was curious about how soon would that be.

So i ran a little experiment for the sole purpose of documenting that, and i repeated it on 6 fresh VPS installs in 6 different…


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Dissecting The DDoS Attack

According to a recent report, cybercrime attacks continue to be a global threat. In fact, there is a growing trend of DDoS attacks, evolving continuously. These attacks have become more sophisticated, harder to detect and mitigate. They have also become the tool of choice for hackers to cause disruptions of networks and bring down servers.




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Checkmate with a Pwn

Martin Bos (purehate)

Eric Milam (brav0hax)

As security consultants we’ve had an opportunity to pentest some of the world’s most interesting companies. Technology and penetration testing is our passion and as such - we love our tools (toys)! Having worked with a load of them over the years it’s easy to embrace the good and dismiss the rest. The devices released by the team at Pwnie Express are far from toys in the traditional sense. These devices are small form factor…


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Twenty of the things I like about my industry!

This is not a survey, consensus or popular poll. This is my opinion written from my viewpoint on how I see this subject. If you disagree with this list or if you agree, please do me a favor and write your OWN list! Seriously if you can’t find twenty things about the industry you work in no matter what it is then it is time for you to look for a new career. I have said it many times to be good at infosec you have to have a passion for it because the people you are up against love what they…


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Kippo SSH honeypot over the years

For over two years now, my ssh-honeypot kippo (developed by Upi Tamminen) is receiving “visits” from all over the world. With an easy to guess root password 123456, to shorten the brute force attacks I have gathered some interesting data/statistics.

So to sum things up:

First attack on Monday, 26-Jul-2010, 09:11 AM

Total login attempts 474433

Distinct source IP…


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Silly Secrets(!|?)

Every now and then somebody starts an argument about whether or not it should be a secret which security products you are using.

I will tell you my opinion on that right away:

1.) Unless your risk profile is extremely high and you are one of the five or so organizations in the world who really have super awesome wicked OPSEC in place, don't even bother starting to think about keeping secret the fact that you…


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Knowing Normal

This article was originally posted on my Digital Forensics Blog.

I heard talk at the SANS DFIR Summit a couple weeks ago about "knowing normal".  What does that mean? Knowing what your systems and networks are doing each day and what their stats should look like. That way, even if you don't really know how to recognize…


Added by Ken Pryor on July 30, 2012 at 1:05pm — 1 Comment

Use of SE in past criminal activities related to Dutch Banks

Dear All,

This is my first post on DTH. I got to know about DTH due to my exploratory research on SE and I think this site provides a lot of useful info. Hopefully one of you can help me too, therefore I will shortly explain my research object. 

Sorry for my bad English by the way...

I am currently researching (historical) practices that point towards the use of Social Engineering in relation to criminal practices that have occurred within Dutch banks.…


Added by Siem van Boxtel on May 10, 2012 at 9:06am — 2 Comments

The Cuckoo Sandbox written by Leon van der Eijk

Performing malware analysis, either static and/or dynamic can be an exciting but daunting task. The sheer amount of malware can be overwhelming at times. Between all the polymorphing Conficker junk that gets caught using, for example, the dionaea honeypot really exciting stuff can be found.

But relying solely on sites like Anubis, CWsandbox or Virustotal for dynamic analysis isn't always a good idea. Let alone the situations thinkable that prohibit the use of them, either by company policy… Continue

Added by Jayson E. Street on April 5, 2012 at 1:55am — No Comments

Your argument is invalid! Cause I'll give you a hard time if you insist on it.

Today I read a blogpost by Fefe in which he rants about how folks just give up on trying to develop more secure code or even fix all bugs in their software but instead draw resources from bugfixing teams in benefit of building mitigations like sandboxing technologies.


Fefe criticizes Adobe's security chief Arkin for saying the following sentence:

“My goal isn’t to find and fix every security bug, I’d…


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Logging, Government Enacted Data Retention & Data Privacy Protection

I am lost - lost in an area of conflict.


Not that there were no solutions to solve the conflict.

In fact the conflict isn't as bad as it seems in the first place - at least this is my opinion.


You may be asking yourself exactly what am I talking about.


I am talking about the fact that we tell politicians and those in charge of IT:



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Books That Last

A friend who wants to start a career in information security asked me which books are a "must read".


It goes without saying that the one and only "must-read" is of course Jayson's book.

Since you found your way to this site, you'll probably already know that. ;-)


Up front I would like to say that I really doubt there are…


Added by d3tm4r on September 11, 2011 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

WTFSecurity 0.5

WTFSecurity 0.5

A few definitions

(for later debate)

Secure (se kur) adjective , unobtainable state

-Complete removal of every threat of Possible Injurious Event (PIE), known and unknown, now and in the future.

(See also - Unusable)

Security (se kur a te) verb , non continuous state

-Constant valid attempt to be secure.

(See also - Valiant…


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