Many are wondering how I became involved in this project. I want to share with you how it all went down. Jayson and I were working on another book, with a couple of other people, that we were about to pitch. We had been working on the concept for months and were getting ready to put it all into action. Jayson also mentioned that he wanted me to work on the next installment of the Dissecting The Hack (DTH) series.

Jayson and I quickly established positive chemistry. We exchanged plenty of ideas including my suggestion that he should register the domain in order to build a community. The plan was to launch this community toward the end of the year. Of course my involvement in the DTH series and this community has come quicker than originally planned.

When the issues came up with the first print of the book, Jayson asked me for advice. I told him my approach would be to community source a new Security Threats Are Real (STAR) section. Jayson asked me to lead this effort as contributing author to the renewed project effort.

My approach to creating the STAR section will be to reach out to the community by interviewing experts in the exploitation and defense techniques used in the fictional story. These interviews along with my commentary will comprise the new STAR section. This will definitely be interesting technical content. Many of the real life security personalities have already volunteered for interviews. This will make for an interesting read.

The DTH community will also have the privilege of exclusive content as audio, video, and text transcripts of the interviews. The best way to learn is from these innovators. The old saying says, "There is a reason why we were born with two ears and one mouth. We should listen twice as much as we talk." My plan is listen first, then bring the information to this community and readers in an original unfiltered manner.


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Can't wait! :-) Thanks for your help in this Marcus. Also thanks to everyone who has joined and are supporting this effort to create this new community.

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