WTFSecurity 0.5

A few definitions

(for later debate)

Secure (se kur) adjective , unobtainable state

-Complete removal of every threat of Possible Injurious Event (PIE), known and unknown, now and in the future.

(See also - Unusable)

Security (se kur a te) verb , non continuous state

-Constant valid attempt to be secure.

(See also - Valiant Effort)

Securish (se kur ish) noun , obtainable state

-Sufficient Security based on Probable Possible Injurious Event (PPIE) risk assessment and still be usable.

(See also - Best Relevant Sensible Informed Effort)

Securedness (se kurd nes) adjective , derived state

-Success or failure of Security.

(See also - Results of Effort & How Close Or Far From Secure You Really Are)

Sense for Security

-Ability to make relevant sensible informed decisions.

False Sense for Security

-Believing you have the ability to make relevant sensible informed decisions.

Sense of Securedness

-Undefinable. Based on factors of individual's perceived importance.

False sense of Securedness

-Believing you are secure.

(See also - We Have a Firewall)

Security Theatre (se kur a te the ter)

-Apparent attempts to be secure resulting in a false sense of Securedness.

(See also - TSA & Firewalls)

Security Through Obscurity

-Non-advertisement or false advertisement of resources in an attempt to avoid ppie.

(See also - Hiding in Plain Sight)

Security In Depth

-Multiple simultaneous independent attempts to avoid ppie.

(See also - Medieval Castle)

Secure Free Zone (SFZ)

-Anywhere Security is not being applied.

(See also - Places You Do Not Want To Be, Places You Do Not Want To Be Responsible For & No Man's Land)

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