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To protect your system from scammers, hackers, and malware, you need to follow certain steps.

Avoid Suspicious Websites: When you browse the Internet, be aware of the websites you are visiting. Most websites contain viruses or malware that could harm your system. If you are not sure whether the website is secure or not, consider using an antivirus software that conducts regular scans on your PC. When a site pop ups ads, better close them.

Check for HTTPS in the URL: Since many people conduct online transactions, it is imperative the deals are secured. This is precisely why banking sites or online retailers that ask for users sensitive information should have a padlock symbol or “HTTPS” in the URL. This literally means the transaction is secure from external interference. If you do not find any of two mentioned indicators, then refrain from submitting personal information.

Use Strong Passwords: Always set long, complex passwords for your email accounts to stay safe from hackers because short or easy passwords can easily be decrypted by scammers. The more special characters your password has, the more combinations a hackers needs to crack it. It is best to have nine or more characters in your password to secure yourself.

Update the OS: Never wait to update the operating system. Updates are vital to the safety and performance of your system, and they aid in fixing parts of the OS susceptible to attacks. Therefore, download them whenever available.

Refrain Using Public Computers: Avoiding public computers is better because the person sitting next to you or the one who uses the system after you may gain access to sensitive information such as usernames and passwords. Do not forget to delete your browsing history once you are done with your work.

Antivirus Software: The most common method to protect your system is installing a powerful anti-virus app. The software scans your system regularly for viruses and threats thereby protecting your data and privacy.

Consider these steps as a starting point in securing your yourself and your system. Remember that if you haven't done the above mentioned, then taking more advanced steps won't help either.

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