Lessons from a 3yr. old & Katt Williams

I told my daughter when she was only three that I try not to reward negative actions/words with attention. I firmly believe that, so usually when someone has said or written something negative about me I try to ignore it. I just don't have the time to constantly respond to people who will never see any good in me at all. Even if I save a bus full of orphans carrying a box full of squirrels that was about to crash into a ravine, I am sure there would be a way to cast me in a negative light.

Well, so be it. So instead of trying to reason and make excuses I have listed here things I have said in my own words for everyone to judge, pick a part, and cast judgement upon. Feel free to read, watch, and form your OWN opinion of me.

Videos & Interviews that I am in:

Video of me on Fox Business trying to explain the no hype version of the July 4th attack in 2009

A video for Help Net Security on How to protect your company from social engineering attacks

Video of my 1st major talk in 2008 at DEFCON 17 discussing the FUD of Cyber war. (not my best in my opinion)

Video from DEFCON 18 talking about Social Engineering

Here is part 2 from DEFCON 19 talking about what happens after I get in.

Besides different podcast (Securabit, Security Justice, Exotic Liability, etc...) that I have been a guest on, I have also been the co-host for over a year now for Aluc.tv.

Feel free to listen to my rants, questions, and input on the show. Archive of shows listed here: http://aluc.tv/?page_id=11

Interviews discussing the topic of me:

Here is an interview about me from the Ethical Hacker Network website. 

Here is an interview about me from the website of Andrew Hay.

News and blog postings discussing my opinions on certain subjects:
Here is a new one that was published by McAfee summer 2011 security journal

One of my favorite articles on fudsec.com where I talk about FUD & Hype but also responded to questions in the comments section.

Here I am in The Economist stating that just because an attack originated in China doesn't mean it was from the Chinese.

Here I am in Wired.com discussing some of my exploits with a certain hacker tool.

Here is an article in Scientific American talking about how I believe we are headed into a new cold war with China. I said this back in 2007.

Here is an article in Forbes where I talk about the Great firewall of China.

Here is an article in The USA Today where I state the problems with attribution and The "North Korean" July 4th attack.

And an article covering my rebuttal of an expert witness for the RIAA (cool side note - this rebuttal is being taught in colleges and has been successfully used in other cases against the RIAA) :-)

If you actually made it past all that WOW you have more patience and interest in me than I do thanks. ;-)

The other thing is I'm not into hiding and bashing on people and then never showing up to a conference unless they have a BOLO out on me.
I travel all over the world giving talks, but most importantly I like just hanging out with anybody who wants to. I go to conferences because when I was young I never in my wildest dreams thought I would actually travel to the places I have been.

I also LOVE not just sharing what I know, but learning from some really awesome & smart people. Guess what else -  not all of those people I have learned from were fellow speakers. There are a lot of people smarter than me who show up to these conferences, and I love talking and discussing topics with them. The last and most important thing is these conferences are where I get to see my friends and make new ones. I only get to see some of my closest friends in person at conferences at different places around the world or on skype.

So there you go. That's only a small fraction of who I am (and just like anyone else, I focused on the parts I like - but at least I'm straight about it)! This does not fully describe who I am or what I know. To do that you would have to meet me, and talk with me. Hopefully BEFORE you judge me. After doing this, guess what? You may not like me. I am not always as funny as I think I am. I can be annoying when just trying to do or say something I think is hilarious in my head. I am not a major expert in a field so I can't go into deep discussions with you on the really cool leet hacking methods. Though I think I can hold my own in a few areas mostly from the defenders/blue team stand point. 

Guess what else - I'm OK with that! I tried years ago when I first got into this field to try to please everyone and it just isn't going to happen. It took a lot of disappointment and feelings of being crushed to finally understand that NO MATTER what I do or say, people are not always going to like or just agree with what I say and do. 

I have to come to that realization a little late in life but the truth is summed up in the other lesson I learned which was from Katt Williams the comedian and it's simply. "Haters gonna hate!" 
NSFW at all video in his own words http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxxPLDZnqwA (I may not totally agree with the delivery but I fully support the message) ;-)

So when you meet me in person, get to know me, or avoid me - whichever - I'm OK with that. Though I will always be willing to talk and try to be friends with anybody. It is just another small part of who I am. 

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