Information Security Podcast List

Here is my list of infosec podcasts I listen to or have listened to now and then.


Podcasts that I listen to regularly

(ordered by preference)

1.) Risky Business @riskybusiness

2.) Pauldotcom Security Weekly @pauldotcom

3.) Social-Engineer Podcast by @humanhacker @dave_rel1k @backtracklinux et al

4.) Eurotrash Security Podcast @eurotrashsec by @chrisjohnriley @wimremes @daleapearson et al

5.) Aluc Radio of course by @thealuc @macode and @Jaysonstreet

6.) Tenable Security Podcast by @tenablescurity

7.) SecuraBit by @SecuraBit

8.) The Southern Fried Security Podcast  @SFSPodcast


Podcasts that I have at least checked out once in a while or still listen to eventually

(in no special order of preference)

1.) Exotic Liability (unfortunately no new podcast EPs for a long while)

2.) Hacker News Network (video podcast)

3.) Infosec Daily (ISDPodcast) - I gave up trying to keep up with them. Those guys are just crazy. :)

5.) The Digital Underground Podcast

6.) OWASP security podcast

7.) The Silver Bullet Security Podcast

8.) Security Now! (that was the first infosec podcast I listened to)

9.) Security Justice

10.) The Cyber Jungle (although I hate them for that "workplace watcher" commercial - it's just plain evil)

11.) Security Insights

12.) Cisco TAC Security Podcast Series

13.) CERT's Podcast Series: Security For Business Leaders

14.) Beyond the Perimeter

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Comment by Mohab Ali on June 2, 2011 at 11:57am
Great list indeed.

For me i didn't actually listen to Risky business, but i will!
And Security Justice would be #4 although their podcast is not weekly ;(

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