Back|Track(4) boy am i in trouble......

today while trolling the usual places i found out that Back|Track has moved and version 4 is at final.

the site looks great, shiny, and new, so i decided to see if i could up my noob status by adding a guide i created for myself while wondering what to do one day. i decided to create the guide and publish it under the 'story' of 'hacking your neighbours', understandably the post was remove and i received warning for the breach, but it made me realise that the time of hacking being fun is over "for some" and respectability is the key question on minds. for me the title was a pun to all those that pop into irc asking about 'recovering their wep key'.

Thomas Wilhelm's book 'Professional Penetration Testing, Creating and Operating a formal Hacking lab' points out in very clear language that black-hat is out and white-hat 'qualification' is in, but i have never seen such a turn within a community, even before i understood the impact of easy to follow guides, spending many years search for them, running tools that 'hack the planet' only to find the reason for removing your AV was so machines would become infected and 'spam the planet'.

my guide is simple but the impact of wording within the post was enough to cause concern with the community moderators, should this be the case or should hacking be resold as hacking and the use of someone else's tools handed to the script kiddies, running malware infected tools that will aid black-hats continued growth of the zombie army's.

open discussion about tools and techniques without fear of social and or political recourse for someone who wants to understand more is the only way i can learn black-hat motivation that allows me the understanding required to protect what is mine, and to help others protect what is theirs.

i bring this question to you all here as the topic should be close to those that understand the benefit of telling a story, that one day could be a real threat.

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Comment by James B on January 30, 2010 at 1:41pm
You bring up a lot of good points in your blog. The "black hats" here in the US are turning into either "gray hats" or "white hats" and those that are highly qulaified are up getting jobs with a government agency, which I will not mention which ones. For those who need to know or to keep up with the ever changing technology of "black hats", we also need to know their ways so that when we see them, we aill already have a remedy to aleviate the situation. I do agree with the site for not wanting to broadcast certain technique's shoe that they do not become another black hat site, but, there need to give a little that the ones of us who are white hats can know what is going on the community now. I do secuirty for the govnerment and most nights I spend surfing the net to catch a glimspe on what is going down and most times, I do miss a lot and learn a lot, but there is so much more that there is not enoght time in the day There are many articles out there that state the next battlefield will be in cyberspace, well, that battle has been on going for awhile and we are bearly hanging on. China and Russia seem to be the two leaders in this area and they do not extradite criminals when caught by us like other countries do. So for you white hats, tighten those strings down and get to practice, study, and pass what you can, when you can, to those who you can trust.
Comment by Jayson E. Street on January 23, 2010 at 6:07pm
Thank you for sharing this. The main problem is the "bad guys" already have the information they need to wreak havoc. We need to educate not just the "good guys" but also the innocent bystanders who think that they are safe because they assume they don't have anything a hacker would need. One thing hackers from all sides will agree on is that "Information wants to be free." Thanks again for sharing what you know here and helping this community grow by what you bring to it.

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