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A few names I think you should also know in this community!

The last week has been brutal for me! Our community has been given one hit after another as we learn about someone doing something horrible or of someone leaving the community because something horrible was done to them!

I reached my limit today when a friend I admire and respect said he was calling it quits! One of our biggest failings I think is we so often overlook the ones who are there always putting in work helping others but not seeking or getting any credit! I'd like to change…


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Twenty of the things I like about my industry!

This is not a survey, consensus or popular poll. This is my opinion written from my viewpoint on how I see this subject. If you disagree with this list or if you agree, please do me a favor and write your OWN list! Seriously if you can’t find twenty things about the industry you work in no matter what it is then it is time for you to look for a new career. I have said it many times to be good at infosec you have to have a passion for it because the people you are up against love what they…


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The Cuckoo Sandbox written by Leon van der Eijk

Performing malware analysis, either static and/or dynamic can be an exciting but daunting task. The sheer amount of malware can be overwhelming at times. Between all the polymorphing Conficker junk that gets caught using, for example, the dionaea honeypot really exciting stuff can be found.

But relying solely on sites like Anubis, CWsandbox or Virustotal for dynamic analysis isn't always a good idea. Let alone the situations thinkable that prohibit the use of them, either by company policy… Continue

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Lessons from a 3yr. old & Katt Williams

I told my daughter when she was only three that I try not to reward negative actions/words with attention. I firmly believe that, so usually when someone has said or written something negative about me I try to ignore it. I just don't have the time to constantly respond to people who will never see any good in me at all. Even if I save a bus full of orphans carrying a box full of squirrels that was about to crash into a ravine, I am sure there would be a way to cast me in a negative…


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V3rb0t3n is LIVE! YAY!

I'm happy to announce a new site http://v3rb0t3n.com/ (not much there now but give it time) ;-) feel free to add some ideas in the comments below :-)

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A personal and sad note today

Not sure after 5 years why it took so long for the pain to catch up with

the fact he is gone. Though now that it has it is hitting HARD. :-(

I wrote this 5 years ago but even they hurt worse reading them now.

I miss you soo much!!

There Are no words

I look at a grave with two dates and remember what was between them

and I have no words.

People try to comfort and understand the pain

and I have no words.

I look… Continue

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Confessions of a SecAddict


I am posting this on behalf of Chris Nickerson I thought it was a good post that would fit well here.


grant me the serenity to accept people that will not secure their networks, the courage to face them when they blame me for their problems, and the wisdom go out drinkin’ afterwards!”


I am over it! I am over all of the BS. I am over all of the compliance posturing. I am over all of the “NEW AGE” High tech hipster… Continue

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Embracing the fear of the future.

As I start this New Year I of course have to take a look back at 2009 and consider what has happened. The funny thing is, as soon as I started reflecting on the last year, my mind wandered even further back. I thought back to when I was homeless, facing the choice of quitting high school to help support my family and then all the time I have spent since working in security and with Law enforcement. It hits me how fear has played such an important part of my success. Also how old fears are… Continue

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Coming soon...

I will be traveling next week to meet with a screen writer so the "news" is that there is a chance my book is heading to the big screen :-) I will be posting more detailed updates soon here stay tuned. (And wish me luck) ;-)

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From Laura Colantoni (Syngress)

Follow up-

Hey…thanks for the support! For those of you wondering about the feeds you see on various sites here’s the scoop. We are no longer selling Dissecting the Hack. We started destroying copies on Monday and our sales folks have made all our partners aware of this situation. But to formally pull it down we need to attach all records to the new book’s ISBN. Then we have to substitute it, link it and push all the feeds back out to vendors. You’ll see that our site,… Continue

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From The ashes!

I have been humbled by the support I have received from the INFOSEC community. I wrote this book to give back to the community not knowing what the community would give back in turn.

This does not make things better I have to have my actions live up to my words. With the help of so many in INFOSEC that will happen.This book was to engage the NON-INFOSEC community to learn more about us to see who we really are & what it is all about. But this has Shown me more than any book I… Continue

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Dissecting the Hack Statement


From Laura Colantoni (Syngress)

The team at Syngress recently found out through our Twitter feed that Dissecting the Hack might have plagiarized material. The twitter feeds led us to a popular blog where we found listed at least 125 instances of plagiarism-mostly from Wikipedia.

After talking to all involved we have determined the following:

* The book's technical editor is the source of this plagiarism. He greatly overstepped his role.

* He… Continue

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