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Stealing Passwords with FireFox 3.6.X

-[ Introduction ]-


Most users trust their browser, some trust it with everything, while others like to keep their passwords safe in their heads.  Is there a way to leverage this trust and collect passwords from the not so trusting, after all if you want to surf the internet your going to have to trust something with your…


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Its Been A While

Most of my activity is limited to lab experiments and after a while of "not doing something" it can be a real pain to remember just exactly what i did last time and playing about with wireless card setting is just one example.

i got myself an alfa highpower usb wifi adapted mainly for Back|Track and all works fine, however i stumbled across some forum post that discussed the "HighPower" setting for this device and a method of increasing you range using the txpower value so i decided to… Continue

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Do I need to hack the internet to understand attacks and their impact.

Do I need to hack the internet to understand attacks and their impact.

While developing my personal labs I discovered that in order to make a lab representative of current infrastructure you will spend more time understanding what an

administrator does not what…


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What is Avast OFF?

After a 4 part investigation / introduction “I was working on tutorials” to bypassing anti-virus, an update to the target product slapped me in the face, halting the mechanisms I had used for circumvention, I needed to find a solution that would allow me to continue with my deployment of meterpreter and Avast_OFF is what I came up with.

I was looking for some-way, any-way to bypass the product in question just to see how easy it was with today's tools, I had seen AutoIT… Continue

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Hello to you all

hello ALL and welcome to my one and only blog, I decided to blog on this site and this site alone so if your interested in what I do you will need to locate me here. Not all that I undertake is release to the public, but I decided a blog related to security is a natural choice for “unknowns” looking to find a path into the computing security industry.

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Back|Track(4) boy am i in trouble......

today while trolling the usual places i found out that Back|Track has moved and version 4 is at final.


the site looks great, shiny, and new, so i decided to see if i could up my noob status by adding a guide i created for myself while wondering what to do one day. i decided to create the guide and publish it under the 'story' of 'hacking your neighbours', understandably the post was remove and i… Continue

Added by James Fisher on January 15, 2010 at 5:00am — 2 Comments

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