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WTFSecurity 0.5

WTFSecurity 0.5

A few definitions

(for later debate)

Secure (se kur) adjective , unobtainable state

-Complete removal of every threat of Possible Injurious Event (PIE), known and unknown, now and in the future.

(See also - Unusable)

Security (se kur a te) verb , non continuous state

-Constant valid attempt to be secure.

(See also - Valiant…


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How2BSecure 0.5

How2BSecure 0.5



(Try really, really hard not to die!!!)

Be aware of your surroundings

Knowing your current environment is critical to being able to identify the severity of possible probable injurious events (ppie)

What is your current environment?

Anything that can currently affect you. Current means right now. Your environment is always changing.

What is an…


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The Wrong End of the Horse

For years, security people have been trying to show businesses how to be secure. It is still not working. What they haven't realized is they are talking to the wrong end of the horse.

Teach Security to the user at home. Show them how to secure their home computer so that they can do their business on it, preferably for free. Teach it to their kids in school. Start now. Then show them the exact same tools and techniques and rules and safe practices at work. It won't be something new… Continue

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