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WTFSecurity 0.5

WTFSecurity 0.5

A few definitions

(for later debate)

Secure (se kur) adjective , unobtainable state

-Complete removal of every threat of Possible Injurious Event (PIE), known and unknown, now and in the future.

(See also - Unusable)

Security (se kur a te) verb , non continuous state

-Constant valid attempt to be secure.

(See also - Valiant…


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How2BSecure 0.5

How2BSecure 0.5



(Try really, really hard not to die!!!)

Be aware of your surroundings

Knowing your current environment is critical to being able to identify the severity of possible probable injurious events (ppie)

What is your current environment?

Anything that can currently affect you. Current means right now. Your environment is always changing.

What is an…


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hackers do not exist

      I honor and understand the defense of the classical definition of the word, because I know that it is how generations have defined themselves and their own rich history. However, I also feel its claim in modern context is only to cater to the egos of those who defend the traditional definition. But like all new words that evolve in the English language, The word itself has evolved and become defined in the context in which one uses it, therefore it is a word with…


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Lessons from a 3yr. old & Katt Williams

I told my daughter when she was only three that I try not to reward negative actions/words with attention. I firmly believe that, so usually when someone has said or written something negative about me I try to ignore it. I just don't have the time to constantly respond to people who will never see any good in me at all. Even if I save a bus full of orphans carrying a box full of squirrels that was about to crash into a ravine, I am sure there would be a way to cast me in a negative…


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