While I have been the one to stir up a lot of the dust around this project recently, I do want you to know I like it. I like the idea of hacker fiction. I like the idea of Syngress becoming a more mature publisher (even though it sucks that this project had to be the tipping point). Most of all, I like the people who are a part of the project and that are becoming part of the community.

I have said this to Jayson and others on varying levels of public/private channels, but to make it clear: I am willing to help out and contribute to creating a new STAR section in any way that I can. I can write, I can edit. If someone else wants an interview for a topic that I'm competent on, I am happy to sit down with them on IM, Skype, phone. If you don't want that, I can review a pre-print copy. And finally, failing all that, I'll give the final published copy a serious review on my site (though I won't be doing that if I am asked to participate: conflict of interest).

I do want to see it succeed. Anyone else here who's willing to throw in a sword or axe, chime in.

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I am somewhat of a newcomer to the infosec community (with just at a year in). I have well over 10 years in technology. I am offering my help if needed.
My experience is limited to legal lab activity and telling the x boss whats wrong with giving out administrative access to anyone that asks for it.

I love to read and learn so if i can provide any assistance in anyway it would be a honour especially if my kids get to see me in a movie rather than the news lol.
I've hesitated to post because I do not have a skill set to offer that will be of benefit to this project, however I just received my copy of Dissecting The Hack and want to express my support of this project. While I do not write or edit, I will promote Dissecting The Hack when I can. I suspect there are others like myself and I encourage you to do the same.
The infosec community is about everyone interested in security, new and old.
Everyone is welcome.

infogeek2u I am sure we all look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book.

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