While I have been the one to stir up a lot of the dust around this project recently, I do want you to know I like it. I like the idea of hacker fiction. I like the idea of Syngress becoming a more mature publisher (even though it sucks that this project had to be the tipping point). Most of all, I like the people who are a part of the project and that are becoming part of the community.

I have said this to Jayson and others on varying levels of public/private channels, but to make it clear: I am willing to help out and contribute to creating a new STAR section in any way that I can. I can write, I can edit. If someone else wants an interview for a topic that I'm competent on, I am happy to sit down with them on IM, Skype, phone. If you don't want that, I can review a pre-print copy. And finally, failing all that, I'll give the final published copy a serious review on my site (though I won't be doing that if I am asked to participate: conflict of interest).

I do want to see it succeed. Anyone else here who's willing to throw in a sword or axe, chime in.

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I'm going to be posting the strategy on getting the new STAR section done soon. I personally don't think you've done anything wrong, we need honest feedback in our community. I know your intentions were to help the community and consumers. I will definitely be reaching out to you for help and an interview.

I've said it all over but will say it here too.. Count me in.
Although I'm just getting into security ill help in any way I can so if you guys have anything I can do just tell me, I probably cant make content myself but I can help with other things.

like you say the book is a great idea, and Jayson in my opinion is a top guy and I feel for him.
I am of the opinion whats done is done, now its time to do what this community should be known best for, supporting our friends and fellow InfoSec guys.

I am sure Jayson knows already, but I am happy to help where I can. Both knowledge and time permitting.
No idea what I can offer but if you need me give me a shout
If you need any help, let me know. Seriously.

Like most I thought the idea for the book was great, and I'm now kicking myself for leaving it for my christmas wishlist, original copies could be worth a bit in years to come ;). I was shocked when the revelations came to light, but as Dale says, whats done is done, but I am pleased to see that Jayson has been exonerated.

Don't think anyone can hold you to blame, given the background someone was going to uncover the issues eventually.

The response from the community has been great, and I think you'd be hard pushed to find the same reaction in any other field. Not sure what I'll be able to contribute, but I'm definitely willing to help out where I can.

I, too, am willing to help. I can write or edit. I do more defense than attack work, so I don't know how directly useful I can be, but I'm willing to give it a go.
same here, same here. I'm ready to do whatever is needed.
Seeing this community chime in and step up to the plate - especially when the times are tough keeps reassuring me that we are in a good place to be in our professional and personal lives.

FWIW I'll be happy to pitch in with whatever is applicable in terms of helping out on this as I truly believe in the spirit in which this book has been created from.
I'll give my support.
Im down to help ya anyway i can Jayson just hit me up bro


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