when I tweeted that the Dissecting the Hack 2/e was out - it was the same day the tweets went out from Syngress with the 50% off purchase. Mr. Baskin corrected me that it wasn't out yet. :-)

So is there an anticipated ETA? Does the team need any help?

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The ETA we are shooting for is May (I hope) :-). We will need help when the chapters get posted here. We will want everyone to add and discuss what we wrote in the chapters to help add to the knowledge. Not everyone who will visit will be from the INFOSEC/Hacking community. We need to show them at the heart of it this site is to share information and to help all who are interested in learning about all aspects of Information Security and the hacking culture. I want this to be the bridge to close the gap of the l33t VS. the noob, the geek VS. the suit. Here we will agree or disagree civilly and discuss issues that all of us face in the realm of computer security. I am not an expert in INFOSEC or a Leet Hacker I am a guy who tries to learn as much as I can and share what I have learned from people way smarter and creative than me. I have lofty ideals that are impractical and may not be possible. That will not stop me from trying to attain them. We will succeed because success is just one person understanding something they didn't know before. Just one person who always looked at an issue one way and was willing to see it from another perspective. This site will not change the world or better secure the Internet but maybe just maybe it will help shape the conversation to something all sides can understand and start to discuss. WOW that was a long speech I will get off my soap box now just one last thing. I really do deep in my heart thank each and every one of you who takes the time to make not just this site but the industry/community better.

No worries, Jeff. The book is progressing, though it has taken a few turns along the way. No great tale is without its controversy; it's what makes it great. We expect the content to be finalized by the end of March/early April, and on shelves before you know it. I hope everyone's patience will pay off.

Now, I'll leave and let Jayson get back on his soap box :)


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