Hello to all,

I am super new to the INFOSEC community but I am loving everything I am learning on this path. Also the book Dissecting the Hack, was absolutely phenomenal and such a joy to read. Can't wait for the second one. So thank you Mr. Street and the people who made that book happen.

Anyways, this may be a silly question but I am on the search for a new phone. I was planning to switch to Google's Project Fi because it's pretty awesome. I am in between the Pixel 2 or the S8. I thought, this since this place has a bunch of smart and great people and we are a giant happy family, why not ask you guys for some opinions.

I like the Pixel 2 and have great things about it but i have two big factors which is stopping me. I like and would like to still have the audio jack and micro SD card slot on the Samsung S8. That is literally the only thing stopping me from not getting the Pixel2. Am I being to crazy since those things will go away eventually and this is our future or is my crazy mind justified and I should go with the S8?

What does you guys think?

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