Hi, Fyodor encouraged me to post my simple perlscripts on 
The three scripts are, and
They are using Nmap::Parser and pretty much do the same as ndiff.
And yes, I know that some guy has written a script called scandiff before ;-)
I've written the scripts after I've learned about Nmap::Parser from the nmap book  
- which is really great - and wanted to check it out.
The scripts are the way they are because they fit my current personal workflow of scheduling 
scans and handling the xml outputfiles.
The beauty of Nmap::Parser is, that it's very easy to use
and that it's very flexible.
I could easily write a script that allows for more flexible querying of
nmap results for custom reports.
Maybe I will do that next and maybe even later I will put it all back into one single script, 
handling everything with parameters. This is the first time I have written a perlscript
that consists of more than only a few lines, so please bear with me.
If you have questions, Tips and corrections you are welcome.  
I am sharing this with you just in case somebody actually could have any use for it.


Get the scripts here:


Or attached to this forum-post

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