Decided to get the poems out of the blog area put them in here :-)

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The Highway To Where


The night is alight with orbs of star fire
the wind is singing like an angelic choir


I ride down this lonely highway on my steed of steel
I'm lost on this ribbon of tar so how should I feel


Up ahead is a place where I can get directions
but there are two maps with different selections


One is winding and twisting and oh so narrow
The other is spacious and is straight as an arrow


It's time to make this decision whether I win or lose
but I don't know where I'm going so how can I choose


I screamed will someone tell me where I should go
There's somewhere I need to be, but where I don't know


Well then this old man pulls up in his battered old truck
and I have to think to myself this is just my luck


because by the look of him he's been lost for years
but I'm desperate and trying to hold back my tears


Just when I'm about to go over and ask for his aid
A limo pulls up and out steps a man in a suit tailor made


He looked sleek and stylish, a man of the world
He paraded his success like a banner unfurled


To myself I think who should I be asking for advice
This decision is too important to trust on the roll of the dice


Then the old man rolled down his window and looked expectantly at me
I started toward him, but the young man blocked me slick as could be


He said pal it's not where you going but how you get there
and in this baby you'll be traveling with a definite flair


Check out the lines, look at all the extras this baby's got
I said but where are you going, he said that's not important, not a whole lot.


just wait he said you haven't seen what's on the inside.
liquor, t.v., and a v.c.r. should make it one smooth ride.


there's a lot of traffic going my way but it stills moves pretty fast:
So let's go already the die might as well have been cast.


Whoa I said if you know so much tell me where the road leads.
Oh don't worry he said it's where man goes to get rewarded for his deeds.


Well if it's all the same to you I'd like to hear Where the old man's going.
He replied you must be joking look at the old geezer do you think he’s all knowing?


With that I just turned toward the truck and saw the old guy smile.
He said "I'm glad to see someone say no to Ol' scratch it's been a while."


I asked where are you headed I'm lost and the truth would be nice.
He said "take it easy son for I'm heading back to paradise."


"before you say anything I must warn you it won't be fun,"
"for there are a lot of obstacles on this road toward the SON."


and this truck is old and a little battered it's true."
"but it's traveled this road more than once picking up the willing few."


he went on to say "this road is rough but I'll take you where you need to go."
The road is long and I know your tank is running pretty low."


I said friend don't worry if you need gas I'll pay my share.
He replied "that's thoughtful but this fuels been bought at a price you couldn't bare."


All you need to do is find it in you heart to accept my help."
That's when my eyes were opened and I let out a joyful yelp.


I looked back at the limo shooting off like a falling star.
Knowing in my heart that a rough ride in this truck is better by far.


So brother when you're stuck on the road of life too weary to roam.
Just ask GOD for help and he'll be there to take you home.


I think one of the worst things to happen to Christianity was organized religion. These next two poems were written in the late 80's when TV evangelist ruled the airwaves in their big shiny churches.

Pointing Fingers, And Closed Little Minds


The tears of the world fall on my face
It's hot and bitter, it fall from disgrace


It cries for a populace that's been deceived
A species of superiors who have not perceived


That it's race is running towards self-destruction
as terra firm vainly tries at reconstruction


While Christian groups tilt at new age windmills
the satanic cancer grows and secretly kills


We are so wrapped up in maintaining our false piety
all the while making success into a deity


This day and age you don't look at the man you look at his skin
haven't you learned that Moses was black and we are his kin


Satan is among us and he smiles so smug at how we behave
he sold us the shovel but we're the ones digging our grave


You might be thinking what nerve who does he think he is
My name is not important just know I'm one of his


Jesus that is, I'm one of his flock
I'm looking to build my house on top of the rock


It's hard to find a place with these big shiny churches blocking my view
When we forget Jesus taught on the street It'll be a day we rue


Though today everybody must point their fingers somewhere
Just please don't get carried away and stay aware


as devout parents "protect" their children from rock and roll swill
unknowingly destroying their child's free will


Instead of telling your kids that in hell they will burn
teach them the difference help them to seek and to learn


In the bible God gave Lucifer the choice on the road he'd take
so give your offspring guidance on the decision they'll make


reading the bible is something I must compel
For there are some rumors I'd like to dispel


Forget about the myths you have heard
to learn to fight Satan you must look to the word


Let it first be known Satan is a creature of beauty fair
that grace, and poise is what he uses to snare


though no matter the shape the angel is still a beast
he'll take any form that of a monster or of a priest


Beware friend, Satan can use a bible verse to make you fall
he used a scripture trying to tempt Jesus with no trouble at all


Satan's not the only one who's misused the bible through the years
People will take one part without the others to mask their fears


We've cut the bible into pieces giving each it's own name
Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist C'mon end this petty game


Just be a Christian, study the bible as a whole
It's easier on the mind as well as the soul


So my friend read the bible, and keep the faith alive
Because the rapture day will soon arrive


When it comes will you be numbered among the brave and true
Pray and prepare so you might be among the humble and few


Please don't think this was written just from maliciousness
It may not be what people want to hear, but it's the truth none the less


Yes I could've tried to put these problems in a better light
but in doing that I would've made it seem surrealistic and a little trite


Well I know some have a problem with my sense of style
When they talk about it I just sit back and suppress a smile


For I know of some others who had the same problem too
One was the Son of God and the others were Jew


Oh don't worry I don't put myself up there with them
but remember I don't write these things just on a whim


So ignore the messenger and listen to the message
I'm not writing history, I'm writing our heritage


Here it is the time to make your decision
make it freely without fear or derision


For choose you must, there can be no middle ground
Choosing the Lord, is the harder way, but the best I've found


Though I'm not here to judge I'm far from perfect myself
and this poem is here for you to accept or just leave on the shelf


One last thought - we're all on this earth together like it or not
So we better make the best of it, we only get one shot


When everything is done it's just you and the Lord come judgment day
and he has the last word, so there's nothing left for me to say


Now this poem is over and I'll leave you be
but remember the finger is pointing at you as well as me.

This is my thoughts on TV preachers from the 80's, 90's and quite frankly even now!


Inquisition 92 


It was a warm cloudless night on some unknown shore.
The stars were the only witnesses for what was in store.


There were no parades, fireworks, or a marching band.
Nothing spectacular just a stranger walking onto the sand.


He was exactly six foot tall a slim build with a fairly dark tan.
You really couldn't say there was anything special about this man.


Nothing that is until you looked into those dark brown eyes.
The eyes of one who notices the tears of the butterflies.


Well the first thing he did was walk into a church T.V. station.
There was a preacher on the air selling his religion to the nation.


This preacher was screaming for money, and forgiveness both at the same time.
The stranger listened to him cry for even more money to fight the heathen slime.


Well then the stranger stood up and asked a question and the crowd got quiet.
But then the stranger answered it himself and that my friend is what started the riot!


The question was simple he said; "Do you think God looks upon you and likes what he sees?"
Then he answered it by saying, "I believe the Father looks at You and he remembers the Pharisees."


The congregation went white and the preacher’s face turned red.
While the stranger took his seat the followers looked on in dread.


Then Bubba stood up and cried "You can either love our Lord or get out!"
It sounded sorta catchy so the other sheep took up the shout.


Bubba then said why should they stop at screaming.
They should silence this outsider to cease his scheming.


Well the people rushed to see who could grab the infidel first.
Now during this scramble three people were hurt a bruise being the worst.


Though after the scuffle the stranger was no where to be seen.
That didn't stop the preacher from calling the cops and making a scene.


After that it didn't take long just five minutes for it to make the news.
they reported how the preacher was crying cause souls were dying while cops gathered clues.


Now the strangers face is shown nationwide on T.V.
He's labeled a religious terrorist if you spot him turn and flee.


It's then reported the stranger showed up at a church the very next day.
but some of the congregation listened to what he said and some started to sway.


For the strangers words were radical but also full of truth.
Even when he said most T.V. preachers are tigers without a single tooth.


He went onto say that they rant and they rave till their faces turn blue.
but just listen to what really they say and see how much is true.


Now what happened next is true though as strange as it may seem.
People started to leave the church and going back to God as if waking from a dream.


As you well know the religious community was not going to stand for that.
They combined their power with the media and government to squash the stranger flat!


Police were on the look out for the stranger for he was a wanted man.
Nobody reported what for just that they'd catch him cause that was the plan.


Then one stormy night the transmitter tower for station B.A.B.L. mysteriously fell.
Though some saw lightning the preacher blamed the stranger that agent from hell!


He was now compared to some common thief in the night.
and only one step away from being shot on sight.


It was April thirteenth when the stranger was finally caught.
He was ratted out by a deacon who'd been bought.


The trial lasted three days then he was sentenced to die.
It was closed to the public so some still wondered why.


Because there were no official charges that were read.
Just a proclamation that he'd soon be dead.


Though the method of the execution was extremely odd.
For the stranger wanted to die by a firing squad.


So it came to pass on that gloomy Friday afternoon.
That storm clouds moved in making it like night with no moon.


But the stranger was smiling as he was led onto the firing range.
Well the warden found this behavior was exceedingly strange.


So he approached him and asked him what was so funny.
The stranger replied at least this time a few stopped worshipping money.


And hopefully that kind of spirit will eventually grow.
Then the next time he'd stay but only one really knows.


Well the warden thought he was crazy but an okay man.
So he told him make one request and I'll grant it if I can.


The stranger replied all I ask is for my arms to be free.
That wasn't unreasonable so that was the way he was lashed to the tree.


He then spread out his arms as a final token.
Four bullets pierced his body but no bones were broken.


they then buried the shell in an unmarked public grave.
Because he was a John Doe and there was money to save.


But if you want to visit his resting place don't go there.
All you need to do is call his name while you gaze up in the air.


What's his name you ask I'll do you this favor.
When you call his name you're calling your Savior.


That's right Jesus Christ is his name.
Are you a little curious about why he came.


It's the same reason that he came before.
Which is to prepare us for what's in store.


Don't worry he'll be back to give us another chance.
and maybe next time we'll not mourn but dance!


So there it's over this poem is finally through.
Just remember to listen when a stranger talks to you.

I wrote this when I was around 15 and yes I intended for it to be my suicide note but razor blades hurt a lot and I just didn't have it in me. So I am still here YAY :-)


Oh How Funny It Is 


Here I am laying on this hill pondering why
I have this feeling that very soon I will die


Oh I don't know how yet I can't seem to decide
It's either getting hit by a car, or just plain suicide


So when you next see a storm remember me
For that's how I feel inside you see


You hated me, and you thought I was sick
but don't you worry the end won't be quick


I'm sure it'll be painful, and probably slow
After all I want you to feel happy before I go


Though I don't mind because then I'll no longer be under your rule
and I'll never have to hear another person call me a jerk, and a fool


I know you thought I was mean, boisterous, and loud
but did any of you take the time to look under my shroud


No instead of looking you just passed on by
So next time you think of me look to the sky


That's where I'll be, and I'll laugh if I hear
you down there shedding one crocodile tear


Though when I'm gone don't laugh so hard
because I'll be the one that dealt the last card


For you see I know my memory will linger still
as long as there's stains where my blood did spill


Now as the pain of love loses it's sting
and the loss of life becomes a trivial thing


It's something that can be put aside
Just like Death will be taken in stride


Don't worry I'll stop and leave you be
You'll then say good bye thankfully


Well so here it goes this is it
All it will take is one big slit


There it goes see that red flow
does it really matter that you know?


Sorry no turning back now it's far too late
As it leaks to the floor it seals my fate


Well  I'm, sorry words seem to fail me here
it's so hard to write when you're gasping for air


This is it here comes my last good bye
How funny it seems now that I'm about to die

I thought this would be a good place to end this. I look at this poem as if someone took thousands of Polaroid pictures and then used them to make a collage that formed me. So here are poetic snapshots taken directly from my life. I hope you have enjoyed reading.


The Weirdness In Me 


Sitting here seeing the sun in the sea.
Pondering what people call the weirdness in me.


Today was so hot but the rain was so cold.
The lighting so beautiful the thunder so bold.


In that moment with your lips on mine.
Driving with the moon just look at it shine.


I gave up part of me for us to stay together.
Then you freed me but I'll never forget the tether.


Here I sit in this patrol car in a deep funk.
Watching my friends Harvey the bug and Pappy the skunk.


Living with normal people was never really fun.
but man living with these artist makes me wish I had a gun!


The food tasted good so I ate too much
Then I felt pain that's the way of life and such.


Ice in my chest my heart skips a beat.
The way I feel when art and life meet.


Christmas I got my robot it was such a blast.
Months later it was broken showing things never last.


It's seven in the morning I watch the sun turning red.
God is telling me that nothing is ever truly dead.


Her blond hair reminds me of golden clouds.
She came into my life while I hid under shrouds.


No home no job no direction but I had me.
She came and straightened things but then I was no longer free.


Why you wonder can I not find thanks at your table.
Because you don't believe I'd eat this crap if I was able.


I fueled that airplane now watch it soar into the sky.
Now it's gone without saying thanks I just give a big sigh.


These people stare at me in their eyes I see fear.
Can't they tell I'm the one terrified at being so near.


Black is all colors but it's really none at all.
That's why I wear it summer, winter, spring, and fall.


As I made love with her in the moonlight.
Knowing then that I'd never forget the sight.


The truck is coming for me at thirty miles per hour.
Now my Helix is junk and he's free cause money is power.


It was really cool to work with the police and everything.
But with Granger on the force I know it didn't happen just to Rodney King.


Hear them whisper he's weird, crazy, loony, and mad.
Well why thanks coming from you that's not at all bad.


The naked trees are shivering as the snow hits the ground.
Winds are moaning by my window just listen to the sound.


There's a monster out there and he's real big and hairy.
Heck men will kill for an ideal that's really scary.


House moonblade has formed and I swell with pride.
Then by Christmas all I want to do is run and hide.


I wanted to give her a thousand roses like the one on her breast.
Knowing that I failed her when I failed the test.


He hit me with the gun when he could have just killed me.
So I left him bleeding but alive just like the way it should be


God's all around me but the others are blind.
But sometimes my poetry is like a candle to their mind.


Look I have this badge so you will do what I say.
The people I work with think that is the way.


I soar free on this earth for I have only two wheels.
Oh it's too dangerous they say but they don't know how it feels.


There's a sword in my hand blood is leaking from my thigh.
Because you'll never know how to live until you're ready to die.


The fish are floating by like I'm not even there.
Then I stop and think why should they care.


Just once I'd like her brother to knock me flat.
That way he'd finally be honest and I can deal with that.


Caressing her flesh gives me such a thrill.
Then I realize what she thinks of me and my hands are still.


Pester is the turtle I took from his home.
Though I set him free I still miss his cute little dome.


Will I be able to show my children the beauty of life.
I want to live a little longer to protect them from strife.


She lies beside me and I feel so warm.
It hurts and feels good I believe that's the norm.


Well I started writing free verse to see if I could do that too.
The funny thing is I found out rhyming is what I like to do.


The holy spirit visits me and I burst out with glee.
This high last so long and best of all it's free.


The alley was my home for many days and nights.
I was afraid of the noises and sickened by the sights.


Waiting in this room here before the judge.
He says case dismissed but I still hold a grudge.


There was joy in her voice as she tore my heart out.
Funny how I recalled the pretty way she would pout.


He jumps onto my back and starts pounding in my head.
What's weird is I didn't move even though I was about to be dead.


Watching the van swerve to miss the turtle in the road.
It's at times like this that the love of the Lord really showed.


Kids of today think art is where you can make money.
I try to laugh it off but it's more sad than funny.


I hold her in my arms knowing she's about to die.
Her heart stops and I wonder why I don't cry.


A puppy licks my face and I laugh out loud.
Like a burst of sunlight I know death is but a shroud.


Walking on the ice thinking of Peter on the lake.
I fall through and I say sorry God then laugh till I ache.


As I tell my brother stories and lessons from my life.
I wonder if he knows I'm trying to protect him from strife.


I make a sudden thrust inserting seven inches of steel.
His eyes lock onto mine and my senses start to reel.


My chest is on fire but the pain won't make me shed a tear.
For it's not the thought of dying but the not knowing I fear.


The baby is asleep snuggled safe here in my arms.
He dreams contentedly secure from all harms.


Twenty five years of my life are now on paper for you to see.
Maybe now I hope you can understand the weirdness in me.

"Instead of telling your kids that in hell they will burn
teach them the difference help them to seek and to learn"

:-) thanks I'm glad you liked it

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