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I have decided to share some of my poems from about 20 years or more ago. I think this one is definitely a good one to start with since it is about books. I hope you enjoy them.


I'll Live Again


I brush the words onto your mind.
Listen to my painting.



As the ink bleeds onto the paper.
It conforms into patterns that you perceive



You wonder good that's a start.
Now will you react for that's even better?



But does your blood stir.
For I can't see you moving.



I live in you though my body may be dead.
You hold me in your hands don't put me down.



Ahh your perception is starting to grow.
And I think I'm worthy of part of your soul.



For that's what I must have to live again.
Carry me in your mind as a quest.



Years pass and I'll fade as you give another new life.
Your memory grows darker the now becomes brighter.



Now for you I am truly dead.
I lay in state between the covers of my tomb.



Before I get to more of my serious (depressing poems and such) here is a silly one I wrote :-)



You're Right This Doesn't Make Sense!


I gave a sunflower to my sweetie,
so she could get a tan.


What's the use of catching butterflies?
When I'm all out of toast.


You know I wonder when ST. George was little,
did he start off by slaying dragonflies?


Does Allister Crowley damn people,
he’s mad at to Heaven?


I wonder if I should feel guilty about,
eating a hot-dog in front of my poodle?


While I was watching two ladybugs mate,
I wondered if they were practicing an alternative lifestyle.


I'm always afraid at twilight because,
when night falls I'm afraid it will land on me.


If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it
would it land on a chicken or an egg?


I always wanted to be an early bird but I couldn't,
because I hate the taste of the worms.


I was sorry about getting rid of my cat and pet frog but I
found out one wanted my tongue the other wanted to be swallowed.


I wasn't the only one upset to find out that,
unlike a water balloon you can't drop a watermelon from off the roof!

Fleeing From Conformity

What is the song the sirens sing? 

Is it such a beautiful, and deadly thing?

Where is the place that the unicorns hide?

Could it be near the glade where Eve first cried?

Or tell me what happened to the knights of long ago? 

In the battle with Mondred were they all laid low?

Are the dragons still asleep in their caves? 

A place so imposing that no one dares braves.

What is the language the people of Babble did speak? 

or is that another thing that we should not seek?

Is there still a serpent under the Loch? 

Even though it's written off as a pile of rock.

Should we still look for the elves in the wood? 

If we don't tell me, is that bad or is it good.

Is Gulliver still wandering the sea? 

I know if I had a choice that I would be!

But I'm still looking for the rabbit hole. 

Since I think our science is taking it's toll.

The dryads are dying for the lack of trees. 

For the noise of the chainsaw drowns out their pleas.

Why isn't the faun playing his pipes on his favorite stump? 

Well my friend we turned his meadow into a toxic dump!!

I also no longer see the nymph dancing in the moonlight. 

With all this neon flashing she is hiding in fright.

Though I've searched near and I've searched afar,

but I still don't see the Sidhe who ride the stars.

So I'll keep looking not just for me but for us all. 

Cause if we stop dreaming the castle of Fairy will surely fall.

We mustn't stop looking for the end of the rainbow.

For if we do our humanity will be the next to go.

You can't truly be alive unless you have dreams.

So don't take everything you encounter as it seems.

Now my friend I must say good bye. 

I see my Pegasus calling me into the sky.

The Taste of Water

Us dreamers are a special breed. 

We come from every race and creed.

We hear the song the trees at midnight sing. 

and we know the taste of water that comes in spring.

We also hear the stars talk to themselves in the night skies.

That's why we feel the pain when one falls and dies.

We're the ones who smell the dew on the ground. 

Who hear the sights that should have no sound.

But we are also the ones who have seen our sins.

who’re constantly hounded by what ifs and could of beens.

Though we live in a world of many.

who think we are as useful as a bent penny.

Just remember we're the ones who can truly see! 

The butterflies tears, and the footprints of the Sidhe.

We also hear the sounds of joy. 

Like when lovers kiss, or girl meets boy.

So my fellow dreamer don't you ever start to despair.

Cause we're the only ones who can build castles in the air.

I found a note book where my ex had written me a dear John letter so on the next page I wrote this and gave it her.


And You Are....


I hold a candle out into the darkness.
and you are the wind.


I try to start the fire.
and you are the snow.


I hold a cup of water in the desert.
and you are the sun.


I search for my sanctuary.
and you are the fog.


I hold food out in the meadow.
and you are the rain.


I grasp for the shell on the beach.
and you are the wave.


I hold a rose in the forest.
and you are the frost.


I look for myself.
and you are the night.


I hold love in my heart.
and you are...YOU.


We read about stories of war but we don't stop often enough to imagine what happens between the lines of the history pages so I wrote this. Maybe if more people understood the true price of it, they will be less likely to spend the lives of others on it.


Last Thoughts Hiroshima The Summer Of '45



Dear what's that noise?

Hear that be careful it's an American air raid!



What's happ...!

Is this the ...!

Who did this to .......?

Mommy that light hurts my.....


My eyes what's happened to my eyes...!


Is that the sun what's wrong with the su...?


Wow I can see the bones in my hands and.....


Oh no it's coming this ....!


No no I don't want to die!


The heat I'm on fire help me hel....!


why why wh....?


It can't be true it just can't be tr....


Look at that STRANGE cloud wha...?


It's gone all gone!


Where is my baby has anybody seen my baby?


No that's not true my husband works in town.


The school the children are safe at school!


Stop lying why are you lying so !!!


I think that is my child I just can't tell for sure.


Did they really want to win this badly??






Last Thoughts Pearl Harbor The Winter Of '41


No sir those are just our training planes.


But can you be sure the submarine net is down?


Just a second I have to mail this letter to my mom.


Oh my God they fill the sky!


Just a little more and I'm airborne and I'l...!


Sir I keep shooting but they won't sto…!


I have to get to the guns they are counting on....!


Bogey at ten o'clock oh Lord he's aiming right at....


It just dropped it's load heads up on deck!




They hit the boiler ro....!


It's no use jump ship she's going to bl....


That was the Arizona we have to do something!


Let me go my little brother is on that ship!


My arm where's my arm?!


Tell my wife I was thinking of her ple....


I'm tired just let me sleeee...


Wake up kid they're still shoo....


Shhh listen the bombing has stopped they'll find us now.


Don't think soldier just use the hook and get 'em outta the water!


Why what did we do?


Did they really want to win this badly??.


End Pt. 2


These are some hard hitting poems I wrote well over 20 years ago. In full disclosure I told myself if I was going to post 1 I would post them all. I haven't tasted alcohol or fought in the Vietnam War. Though I usaully wrote in 1st person so that is why it is coming from that perspective. Most of my poems were not always dark but I wanted them to pack a punch and get the reader thinking.


One For The Road


I'm looking down at what could be a girl before me
but with all this blood it's just too hard to see


Lord knows I didn't mean for it to happen this way
I was just kicking back with some brew on such a pretty day


Well I didn't plan to drive but hey I needed more beer
C'mon I only drunk a pack so you know nothing to fear


So I got into my car, and started her up
While I took as sip from the bud I had in my cup


but here is where things start to get hazy
I thought I was going slow, for I felt lazy


Then explain to me why everything happened so quick
All I was doing was running a red light, an easy trick

When this kid runs into the street to catch a pass
So I hit the brakes but No God, it was the gas

I know I probably wouldn't of hit her if I was sober
It's too late now my judgment was bad, and now it's over

There she is in front of me dead
I feel terrible especially with this pain in my head

Here come the cops probably to take me away
Lord I'll never touch another drop just make it okay

Can't you see guys I was just having fun
Maybe I shouldn't of been driving but I'm almost 21

Please God tell me why this child had to die
I want nothing more than to know the reason why

I guess now I know why I should not drink, and drive
but it wont help this mother, or make her daughter alive





The Forgotten Ones


They sent us to a war we weren't allowed to win
and if you were lucky enough to get back home you didn't fit in


but I was caught when Nixon heard that Saigon fell
Then they through me in that bloody pit, and my soul I'd sell


Just for one last look at my country which is so proud of me
Because a lot of people must be wondering where I could be


Though old Charlie says I better learn to cope
With the fact my country doesn't care, and give up all hope


Of ever seeing my family, and country until I am dead
I thought they were lying just trying to fill me with dread


but they let me hear a broadcast in seventy three
It said America was leaving, and forgetting me


Well I told them it was a lie it couldn't be true
They wouldn't abandon me not the Ol' red, white and blue


Though choppers with the big red stars have proven me wrong
So now I'm nothing but a torture toy for the Vietcong


and I'm not the only one you left here to die
but every agonizing day we still look to the sky


Waiting for you to swoop down like an avenging flood
So we could finally see the V.C. shed some blood


Though these are just dreams of foolish old men
Who were loyal, and brave but here that’s a sin


That means here is where I'll die and rot
Never knowing if you finally came, or you just forgot

Even back then, when I was 16, homeless and outcast I still had my faith in God. I really had lost all faith in humans (my life up until then was not what you would consider pleasant) ;-) So I wrote a lot of poems dealing with my faith, fear of others getting too close, contempt for religious self righteous people and how much I hated being me a weird lonely kid that frightened others and was afraid of people getting close enough to hurt me more.

The Warrior Stands Alone?


See the sword in my hand, and the tears in my eye.
I look so fierce but fragile so which is the lie?


Just once I'd like to leave this armor so you could see my face.
but when you come near me I have to shy away from your embrace.


The sword in my hand is so heavy and my shield arm is weak.
and when the battle is over I'd look for help but I'm too tired to seek.


People don't go near me for they see the blood on my hand.
Forget that it's my blood and I can hardly stand.


This armor I wear hides the pain that's deep inside.
you can't see it for when you see me you run and hide.


Every link in my armor was forged from pain.
The hot steel was cooled by my tears that fell like rain.


I despise your pity and I'm afraid of your love.
The only compassion I tolerate I receive from above.


Because Jesus is with me and he wants to tear my armor apart.
but I can't let him do that for it will expose my heart.


That same heart that has been broken and hurt too many times.
at times I scream Lord why this punishment what were my crimes.


Then Jesus says what did I do that was so wrong to be put on the cross.
I was born on this world to give salvation so there would be no loss.


So now I'm a warrior for the lord and his son.
Though I want to rest I can't for the war has yet to be won.


But there will come a day that I will drop this sword.
and take off this armor and embrace my Lord.


Because those who live by the sword that's how they'll die.
Then when I'm gone people will see the sword was the lie.

If you're still reading these wow I am surprised also note that though I do respect everyone's right to their beliefs or non-beliefs I make no apologies to the fact that I consider myself a Christian nothing more nothing less. I am not an example of what a good Christian should be (there really is only one example) but I try to do my best to be the best human I can be. with varying results so more Christian based poems to follow I hope you enjoy them as well.


The One True Friend


I'm around all these people so why do I feel so alone?
It makes my heart heavy like it was made of stone.


There's a lot of people who can tell you my name.
but watching your back is the name of the game.


I only have one friend who's been by me through thick and thin.
The funny thing is he's also the one who has paid for my sins.


Yes I'm talking about Jesus who died for me and you.
The one they crucified for being the king of the Jews.


That's right he was made to wear a crown of thorns.
just so the world would have a chance to be reborn.


They kicked him, they beat him, and they spat in his face.
and then put him to die in a state of disgrace.


That's when they learned none can disgrace the God of Abraham.
For the only reason he came was for his love of all man.


Not to omit the women and children he died for them too.
He died for all of our sins the old and the new.


So I make sure to talk to him everyday.
and he answers me in his own special way.


I receive those answers if I choose to listen.
By the way the sun sets and the morning rose glistens.


Because man will hate and man will kill.
but nature is the only thing that still obeys God's will.


As always man is afraid of the unknown.
So as the years pass that fear has grown.


So I'll stick by the only friend I've ever had.
The one who's stuck by me during the good times and bad.


Though don't get me wrong he can still be your friend too.
Just accept him in your heart and you'll have a friend that's true.

I used to live in an artist community inside a warehouse in downtown Houston a loooong time ago. One day a friend and roommate went on a tirade about my faith and so I responded in the best way I knew how with this.


Please Read This


Yes I've said I believe in JESUS.
Please laugh at me.


I also think he believes in me.
Please mock me.


And I think there is only one true lord,
Please judge me.


Guess what I also believe in the bible.
Please question me.


I believe that there is a heaven.
Please wonder about me.


Oh and I do believe that there's a hell.
Please get angry at me.


I believe you have a soul you choose to ignore.
Please try to silence me.


I believe your beliefs are founded on sand.
Please be disgusted with me.


Though remember I believe you have the right to your Beliefs
Please try to ignore me.


I will still try to be your friend and believe you can be saved
Please disregard me.


Now don't forget I also believe in you.
Please just don't ever underestimate me!

These poems were the only way I knew how to vent and release some of the pain, anger and hopeless I felt when I was younger.

Facets Of Me Facets Of Pain


I'm forced to live on this planet of pain.
Where hatred has existed since Able and Cain.


Yes I will admit that there is love here too.
Though it's always reserved for the privileged few.


Here we always judge a book by it's cover.
No matter if we’re choosing an enemy, friend, or lover.


Well I'm a book that refuses to be read.
the only way to peruse me is to wait till I'm dead.


Though the pain has been grafted to every bone.
This suffering I face I will confront alone.


So where ever I go I'm silent in the crowd.
but can't they hear my heart screaming so loud.


No they can't these people who supposedly care.
those false smiles are truly more than I can bare.


Every breath I take is pain but I refuse to cry.
My hearts been broken so often I no longer wonder why.


I just accept the loss and live with this terrible hurt.
Though don't dare judge me look into my eyes see why I'm curt


I live with these humans who are careless and cruel.
This world is headed toward hell and anger's their fuel.


But there is so much anger in me buried so deep.
For I look at what we do to each other and I weep.


Oh it's so easy to despise but so hard to love.
I'd rather attack the lion than try to capture the dove.


When mankind slaughters the forest I feel the trees bleeding.
I hear the animals in their dying home desperately pleading.


My hearts been open to the nature of man.
and of the human race I'm not the biggest fan.


Though I long so much for a compassionate touch.
knowing that as I do I'm asking way to much.


So life remains dismal and oh so dreary.
I walk these dark streets and I am weary.


Believe me I want to love the Lord with all my heart.
but how it's been torn into more than one part.


I search for the lost pieces day and night.
other people posses them and are hiding 'em from sight.


So like a scared turtle I hide in my shell.
Okay it's not the best place but it's where I dwell.


Humans can transverse the planet over land, water, air, and ice.
But what will happen when it's time to pay our price?


Everyday I look toward the rising sun.
Thinking Lord forgive us look what we've done.


What we've done to the Earth I don't think is fair.
We've built our cities up until we couldn't breathe the air.


But nobody said life was fair and just.
Trying to make it that way though is a must.


Though the only love I receive is the Lords for me.
and frankly I'd rather share that love with a tree.


For the tree would be more accepting of my love by far.
Cause man spurns God's earth as he longs for a star.


So I will always be a stranger in this strange land.
and when I fall I don't look to people but Jesus for a hand.


I try hard to hide the wounds you've given me with zeal.
but I walk around bleeding not giving Jesus a chance to heal.


I want him to wipe away the scars from my heart, and flesh.
How can I let him though the pain is still too fresh.


So I just sit in the corner hiding the tears on my face.
Each is one is a testament for my pity of the human race.


It's a pity of a mindless animal who'll destroy without need.
Why won't mankind wake up and to my warnings take heed.


I will admit this is definitely a poem of sorrow.
Though it's mostly a sadness of the past not of tomorrow.


With the Lords help this a planet we can save.
because in my soul it's love not hate that I crave.


For loving God is our last and only hope.
So loving mankind should not be out of scope.


But no you can't admit that you just live hour to hour.
Just once in your life humble yourself and accept God's power


Yes I'll admit that I was depressed when this poem started.
but things will get better is the message I hoped to have imparted.


Now this poem is over and yes it's more bitter than sweet.
Though it'll always be that way until the Lord you meet.

There used to be a coffee shop in Downtown Houston called "Downtown Grounds" which had a poetry night every week. Well for a long time I was nervous about reciting my poetry because 1. it is not the best. 2. I was a simple rhymer when mostly everyone else had these awesome free verse style poetry. and the big 3. it was mostly Christian which put me in the minority. Then one day I realized I have been in worse and scarier positions than having people laugh at me so I started with this one.


A Crusader At The Grounds


I stand before you but I come not to preach.
and I try hard to be a student so I come not to teach.


You should know that I respect your beliefs and goddess or god.
There's also no way on your religion I would try to trod.


It's O.K. to recite your poetry here because it's a part of you.
So I just think that I should have the same chance too.


I'm not gonna force you to hear the bible recited rote for rote.
and like Jesus there's no need for me to shove my religion down your throat.


Because unfortunately that has been happening in this country for far to long.
Who cares if it has been done by the majority it's still very wrong.


My savior is with me and has opened my eyes so I can now rejoice.
but when will the hypocrites realize that Christianity was founded on choice.


What does it matter if our views on religion are as different as night and day.
I think there is nothing more stupid than to let our gods get in the way!


For deities should not be a factor when you're meeting friends or foe.
and if you let your religion dictate this you have sunk to an all new low.


Don't get me wrong I'm proud of my God and what he's done for me.
Though when I say "he" I could just as well say she, turnip or tree.


Because the true Christian God is not some old white man.
That contemporary American dogma belongs in a garbage can.


My God can not be nailed down to just one description or look.
You'll find over a hundred definitions of him in just one book.


So stand up here after me and read to us about what's on your mind.
After all that's what this place is all about so tell us of a different find.


I'm more than willing to hear your poetry for I consider it an art.
no matter what the content I'm able to appreciate it that even goes for Bart.


Now remember that when you hear something at the grounds with which you don't agree.
Either you can stand up here and you can give your view or go no matter what your free.


Well this poem is over and I've taken up enough of your time.
Don't worry though just give me a moment and I'll be back with another rhyme.



This girl I knew was grieving over the loss of her father so I wrote this for her.


I Will Wait 


Oh I hear your weeping my precious one
While your down there, and I'm with the son


I left your life sooner than I wanted to.
just remember my love, and God's will always be with you


I know of the pain your feeling way deep inside
but never think of me as gone forever, or having died


I just went to the land where the Lord has total sway
and I'll kiss, and embrace you come the rapture day


When you're brought here in a gown of silk and white as a dove
Then you'll feel how better it is to trade a world of pain for love


We'll praise and thank the Lord with music, and song
For being in a land where the Lame can walk, and the weak are strong


I could go on forever about the beautiful things you'll see
but I'll have to wait for you to come and be with me


Don't worry I know you won't forget me but you must go on with your life
Just wait until God say's it's your time to leave that world of strife


So you can come up here to be with the Lord, and me
A place where your body is obsolete and your soul is free


Now my dear I must bid you a fond adieu
remember I'll be waiting for you across the river where the skies are always blue.

Not all my poems are harsh ;-)


Tell Me What It's Like  


Would you like to know what it's like in Heaven?
Are the streets really gold and the bread unleavened?


Well your new home will be what you choose to make it
For it's your reward for following the Lord when others couldn't take it


There are no fluffy clouds or Harps for you to play
And they don't give out Halos, I'm sorry to say


But if you really want one I'm sure you'll get it
Your dreams come true when you avoid the pit


Because the true meaning of Heaven is not where you are
It’s about being with the Lord up close, not from afar


You'll have the power to do what's always been in your soul
Wander through a star or just relax on a grass knoll


Though ignoring the Lord in life means he'll ignore you in death
And that my friend is harsher than Satan's fiery breath


Because he is suffering more than anyone else ever could
For you can't avoid this fate no matter if you're simple or shrewd


So if you start feeling down about this life
Just remember, one day you'll leave this strife


And the place you go will be up to you
It all depends if you accept the lie or know what's true

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