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I am new to security and also new to linux ,i moved to a country for work ,but sadly this country has lot of filtering on web content and i end up disappointed when browsing net. So i decided to choose an open proxy to bypass my ISP  ,but i am little bit paranoid because i think i might end up using a fake proxy which can capture my traffic and i end up hacked. Also i could not r&d on this because most this proxy site lists are also blocked. So i need some help please.

Could some one point of list of secure or clean proxy i can use to access blocked sites in this country??

for god sake they even blocked skype too :(     ....

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if you don't trust it "Which you shouldn’t" then do use any auth details through it, "Not that you should!"

proxy's are only as bad as there owners :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TNdHzwTNdM

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