Bob, Leon, Hannah, Mark, Pavel, and even Haki are not just characters to me. The story you just read is not all there is.  I know how they were raised. I know their hopes and dreams. And if you stick around long enough I will let you know who will die unjustly before their time and who will live a long happy life with sorrow not overcoming the joy.

Yes, I have a plan to tell their stories in future books.

When Dissecting the Hack was first released, I read it again and began to recall many of the layers that took shape in the process of writing this first story.  Many of the actions of the characters are based on things I haven’t yet had the chance to share with you.

In the last year as we were working on the revised edition, I had a second chance to give these characters some more depth.  I used Twitter kind of like the extra material on a DVD.  Directors get to bring back material that landed on the floor of the editing room.  I was able to give you a chance to see some “extra content” that gives you just a little more information about the story.  You could see into some of the characters’ motivations and thinking.

This project was not to fool anybody or prove how clever I was.  It was simply a way to keep telling a story I loved and help you better understand the people characters I already know so well.

Now that the “secret” is out, they will not die off.  But they will sleep for a while.  When the next book gets closer to print they will hopefully have more to share with you.  New characters will also appear.  Again, it’s not an attempt to fool anyone.  It’s just another way to tell the story.  (For those of you who figured out the “secret” and kept quiet so everyone else could enjoy, Thank You!)

Stick around – there are more adventure, puzzles, white hats, black hats, romance, heartbreak, danger, and heroics for all of these characters and more in the years ahead.

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Remember to click on the other entries in the extras section to see the recap of the twitter feeds that directly reflect the book time line.
Just got my copy Thursday and have been reading every chance I get. Great stuff! I look forward to future books.
Thank you very much for that it really means a lot to me, to have people enjoy & hopefully learn something from it. Thanks again for your support :-)
Can't wait for the next book. Bought my copy last Fall and have read it twice. I won't lend the book to anyone for fear of not getting it back. (Plus I want them to buy a copy to help Jayson). Can't wait to hear about the DefCon, BlackHat, B-Sides, ExcaliburCon stories that will surely surface on Exotic Liability or some other podcast.
Thanks Eric that is super cool :-) and made my day (now I just need ppl to post reviews on Amazon) ;-) Oh there will be stories but when we meet up in person I will tell you some that they won't even talk about on air :-) Thanks again I really did make this book & community for everyone and I get rewarded every time someone says that they liked it or that they learned something new from it.
Yes... I finally got my copy. I ordered the original on Amazon... and then it got pulled... now I finally got a copy of the paperback. Thanks for writing the book.
Well I hope you like and share your review on Amazon hope it was worth the wait ;-)

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